12 Skillet with Lid by Cuisinart

12 Skillet with Lid by Cuisinart


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  • Material: Aluminum; Stainless steel
  • Stove Type Compatibility: Gas; Electric; Glass
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Diameter: 12''
  • Lid(s) Included: Yes
    • The perfect large skillet for a crowd-pleasing paella risotto or beef stroganoff. The attractive stainless cover locks in flavors allow for easy simmering and display the tempting dish inside. Heat Surround technology allows for even heat distribution along the bottom and sidewalls of the cookware. Skillet is also dishwasher safe and allowing for easy cleanup.
      12 Skillet with Lid by Cuisinart

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      12 Skillet with Lid by Cuisinart

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    • 12 Skillet with Lid by Cuisinart

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